What is it all about?



Property Inventory services have become important in recent years following the introduction of the Governments 'Tenant Deposit Protection (TDP)' legislation in 2007.

As a result of this legislation 3 deposit schemes came into force;

- 'Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS)'

- 'My Deposits'

- 'The Dispute Protection Services (DPS)'

Each of these schemes requires evidence in the event of a dispute, usually in the form of an inventory, a check-in and a check-out report. This resulted in a steep rise in inventory providers within the property field and therefore a need for an inventory software solution.

The Natolli Service

The Natolli property inventory software was designed and created through the help and expertise of inventory companies and surveyors who were brought together specifically for their specialisation within the inventory and surveying fields.

As a result the Natolli software has been designed from the bottom upwards by the very people who ultimately carry out the inspections, some of whom are now using the software.

Their input has resulted in a particularly bespoke, innovative, user friendly, feature full, web based inventory property management software and mobile property inventory application that can be used by anyone be it Landlord, Estate Agent, Management Agent or Inventory Clerk (though we would recommend that inspections be carried out by certified inventory clerks).

Our Goals

- Raise the awareness and importance for inventory inspections and the inventory associations

- To make available a national database of inventory providers

- To raise the standard of some inventory providers

- To simplify, streamline and automate a number of aspects of the inventory process even to the point of creating a virtual office for the purpose of property inventory management.

Is that it?

Of course not, as with all good software we will continue to devote time, money and effort to the Natolli services in order to expand and improve them for our members.

We have many more ideas and thoughts yet to implement, which will be made available for free over time.