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Anyone who's ever created an inventory report knows just how time consuming it can be when doing a thorough job that can stand up to scrutiny.

If you ask an experienced inventory clerk how long they might take to create one, they'll say that they spend a minimum of an hour on site, with the same length of time at the office preparing, typing and editing reports and photos.

And that doesn't include extra time for organising inspections, preparing paperwork beforehand, raising invoices and statements, chasing payments and travelling.

That's where Natolli can help.

With Natolli, you can...

  • Automate some of your everyday processes
  • Embed photos directly into reports
  • Classify photos of damage and cleaning and embed them into reports
  • Copy items from existing entries
  • Copy entire rooms to create new room templates
  • Set default descriptions for features
  • Access your completed reports instantly on a computer
  • Automatically forward reports, invoices and statements
  • Cut down turnaround times from days to a matter of hours
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Never enough hours in the day? With Natolli, you'll free up plenty of precious time to spend on other aspects of your business.