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Natolli provides cutting edge inventory solutions to clerks and property managers, and holds an extensive directory of inventory companies for you to choose from. 

To see our full list of companies, register as a member here. Of course, if you’d like a hand finding the right inventory service for you, get in touch with our agents, who’ll be happy to help.

The companies listed in our directory have chosen to advertise their services through the website, but have not been endorsed or inspected by Natolli. However, we recommend that you select a company that belongs to either the Association of Independent Inventory Clerks (AIIC) and/or the Association of Professional Inventory Providers (APIP).

Companies with membership of these organisations have a proven minimum period of experience or specific qualifications.

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If you're an agent, landlord or tenant looking for an independent inventory clerk, you'll find an extensive list of companies at Natolli. 

Established; 2003

Regulating bodes; AIIC (Executive) and APIP (Standard)

Coverage area; London


Small-medium sized, well established Inventory company covering a large proportion of London predominantly governed by the London tube network.

We offer a professional, impartial, friendly and reliable service compiling a large number of detailed, concise and easy to read reports each year for Letting / Management Agents, Landlords, Tenants and Corporate clients.

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