Natolli’s basic service is free, and any further fees we might charge are based on the way you decide to use our features.

Here’s a quick summary of how our prices work:

Inventory companies

We know that every company’s different. That’s why we’ve decided to charge a percentage of your costs for the booking, instead of a set fee that some smaller companies might find difficult to afford.

For each confirmed booking, we’ll charge a 1% adminstration fee based on your costs.

To use our apps on site and elimiate time, administration and typing costs, there’ll be a further 4% charge. It's that simple.

Landlords and Agents

Again very simple; A fixed fee of £10.00 to compile any report using the apps on site.

Typing services

In order to appear within our searches and be put forward for typing referals we decided to raise a £20.00 monthly subscription fee.


A percentage of all the fees we receive is used for research and development of the Natolli software, helping us to make improvements, add new features and provide free software updates to all our members.

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