Administration is a big part of running any business, and it can be time consuming. That's why we've streamlined the process for some of your everyday admin tasks, giving you a virtual office to work from, wherever you are. Of course, access to these features depends on how you choose to use Natolli.

Natolli lets you...

  • Send automatic booking confirmations 

  • Instantly recall details of previous clients and properties

  • Send automatic confirmation emails to landlords, agents, tenants and clerks

  • Get automated daily or weekly reminders for upcoming inspections

  • Create automated schedule pages and location maps

  • Create inventory reports on the move with Natolli apps, and set up the server to forward reports instantly to clients while you're still at the property

  • Automatically raise and forward invoices and statements

  • Automatically remind clients of outstanding bills and lock unpaid accounts

We're constantly working on new ways to make the inventory process quicker and simpler for you, so watch this space for more features.

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We all know time is money when you're running a business, so streamlining and automating your processes can make a huge difference. That's where Natolli can help.