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Of course, what you really want an inventory solution to do is help you create inventory reports that have the right level of detail to pass an adjudicator's scrutiny, if there's ever a problem.

Inventories come in all shapes and sizes and range from a quick and easy one page shopping list to a multiple page professional inventory report. Landlords often fall foul to sub standard inventory reports and they can cause no end of trouble.

Natolli lets you create reports in three simple ways

  • Want to keep using your own system and just make it a bit more efficient? No problem. You can carry on creating inventories your own way, using your own templates and sound files, which you can then upload to the system.
  • If you're a member, you've got access to our typing tool and editing module, where inventory reports (including photos) can be created right there on our database, using Natolli report templates and our extensive terminology tables. You can even sync the reports with your Natolli apps. It's simply your usual manual process of creating reports – just quicker, easier and more efficient. 
  • For technology lovers on the move, we've created the Natolli apps. With your smartphone or tablet, you can create full inventory reports (including photos) in no time while you're on site, with no editing or outsourcing required. Leaving you more time to take care of your business.
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What Natolli does best is help you create the perfect inventory, check-in and check-out reports.