Diary management


The UK is full of inventory companies, and they often don’t interact with each other. This can make diary management complicated and time consuming.

The Natolli booking system brings together this network of clerks, sharing your details with your choice of local inventory providers at the touch of a button.

Our diary system is simple and intuitive, even for multiple users. It’s perfect for sole traders, small businesses and franchises.

Natolli lets you…
  • Take bookings 24/7, thanks to our web based interface
  • Access your bookings any time, anywhere
  • Confirm bookings by email automatically, to all parties: landlord, agent, tenant and clerk
  • Send automated email reminders of upcoming inspections whenever you sign in
  • Make historic bookings for a particular property
  • Automatically create schedules and location maps
  • Synchronise bookings to smartphones and tablets
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With Natolli, you can arrange inspections directly using our online inventory booking system 24 hours a day.